Collaboration / Community

Collaboration / Community

In recent months, LPP has hosted a number of Ireland’s supermarket chains and packaging distributors.

These visits are aimed at demonstrating what can be achieved in terms of flexible plastic recycling with an emphasis placed on why it is important to move away from multi layered packaging. Producers have been able to see that almost all flexible packaging can be recycled, once it is clean monolayered material. LPP is based in the Galvone area of Limerick which is one of the key areas of the Limerick Regeneration Framework (the states largest regeneration program).

The building that LPP is based in had been vacant for over 10 years and was in a state of dereliction. LPP has worked closely with Limerick City & County Council to improve the aesthetics of the estate and help develop the long term future of the estate. Additionally LPP now employs 31 people at its facility, the majority of which are from the local community.

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